TrufflyMade, a manufacturer of confectionary equipment, is carving a niche in the burgeoning cannabis edibles market.

Ian Dumonceau, TrufflyMade CEO, spoke with Cannabis & Tech Today during MJBizCon 2023 to discuss the company’s journey, unveil its product offerings, and peek into its exciting future plans. Check out the video below.

Founded in 2013, TrufflyMade initially catered to traditional pastry chefs and chocolatiers, providing them with top-notch machinery and molds. However, as the cannabis industry flourished, the company saw an opportunity to adapt its expertise.

Recognizing the growing demand for professional equipment to create delectable cannabis-infused treats, they shifted their focus. This strategic move proved successful, propelling TrufflyMade as a leading supplier of cannabis confectionary equipment in the United States.

Their product range goes beyond just machinery. TrufflyMade offers a comprehensive solution, including a variety of high-grade silicone molds designed for precise dosing and consistent results. Recognizing the challenges faced by clients venturing into this new territory, they also provide recipe development services, ensuring their customers have access to expert-crafted formulas.

TrufflyMade boasts a team of experienced consulting chefs who lend their expertise, assisting with equipment installation and offering guidance on recipe creation, empowering clients to confidently navigate this specialized field.

The video doesn’t just showcase their current offerings; it also unveils a glimpse into the future. This year (2024) marks the launch of TrufflyMade’s revolutionary new line of fully automatic systems. Designed to industrialize the production of cannabis edibles, these systems promise minimal effort and manipulation, streamlining the process for large-scale producers. This innovative approach caters to the growing demand for consistent, high-quality edibles while ensuring efficient production.

Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis entrepreneur or a curious newcomer, TrufflyMade seems intent on providing the tools and support needed to navigate the exciting world of cannabis confectionery. Learn more at

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