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    1. I’m pledging to get my DXA scan to better understand my risk of #osteoporosis. Share this post to encourage your loved ones to get a DXA scan too! #YesYouScan
    2. The bad news: Osteoporosis is often called the silent disease because you can’t feel your bones getting weaker. The good news: A DXA scan helps you assess your risk of this disease. #YesYouScan


    1. I’m pledging to take control of my health and prevent #osteoporosis, starting with a DXA scan. RT if you’re with me. #YesYouScan
    2. #DYK osteoporosis can lead to more hospitalizations and greater #healthcare costs than heart attack, stroke or breast cancer combined? Pledge to get a DXA scan and better understand your risk.


    1. I’m getting a DXA scan to better understand my risk of osteoporosis, a disease that impacts 54 million Americans. Ready to take control of your bone health? #YesYouScan! Add to your story if you’re with me.
    2. I have the power to understand my bone health and assess my risk for #osteoporosis. So can you! It starts with a DXA scan. #YesYouScan take control of your bone health. Learn how:

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