The immune system has experienced a renaissance of interest in our current world for, well, obvious reasons. Similarly, supplements that boost immunity have risen in popularity and use. And while it took a global health crisis to make immunity top of mind for many of us, mindbodygreen has always considered a strong immune system to be a pivotal cornerstone of overall health & well-being. 

We believe that immune health is rooted in key lifestyle strategies, like a nutrient-dense dietary pattern, quality sleep, moving often, and helping keep stress in check. Targeted, high-quality supplements also fit into this larger holistic picture of immune resilience.*

It can be overwhelming to navigate the labyrinth of immune health supplements out there and differentiate one product from another. That’s why mindbodygreen did the work for you. I’m a Ph.D. scientist and registered dietitian (and mbg’s director of scientific affairs) who personally specializes in nutrition product development and innovation, so I was happy to help round up, critically analyze, and share the best options. 

You’ll not only find our top 14 supplements for immune health, but also, streamlined tips on what to look for vs. avoid, plus practical insights on complementary lifestyle strategies to support your immune system.

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