Clue allows you to monitor many changes in your body that may occur during your cycle, including period-induced breakouts or PMS headaches. This comprehensive symptom tracker can also give you a heads-up about the timing of your menstrual cycles, ovulation, and fertility. 

With Clue, you decide what you track. But the more information you input—and the longer you track—the more accurate your predictions will become. Clue takes all the information you have inputted, analyzes it, and lets you know exactly what to expect, including advising you on your cycle patterns and any upcoming fertile windows. 

The app has a clean, modern interface with impeccable science and citations behind it. 

The basic version of Clue is free but if you want more features, you can sign up for the paid version, Clue Plus, which costs about $5 per month or roughly $30 annually. With the paid version, you can access in-app articles that provide additional information about women’s health, fertility, menstruation, and pregnancy. The premium version also offers enhanced period predictions and a more detailed analysis of your cycle.

mindbodygreen team member, Devon, appreciates that the Clue app shows her where she is in her cycle from multiple design perspectives, such as a circle or calendar view. “But the best part is the additional data I can track—from digestion, to skin, to energy level, to emotions. Since using the app, I can better anticipate things, like—I’m going to feel absolutely exhausted around ovulation. And my PMS actually starts a full seven days before the first day of my bleed,” she says. “Overall I love this app, and it helps me feel empowered and clear about what’s happening in my body.” 

While Clue also lets you analyze your entire cycle history, this feature can be a bit visually overwhelming and it’s not as helpful for those with irregular cycles. 

Clue has a 4.8 and 4.4 stars rating on Apple and Play (Android) stores, respectively.

Who should try it: Anyone looking to become an expert on their fertility.

Who should skip it: Anyone looking for a more streamlined fertility tracking experience and isn’t interested in any extra info

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