The Enneagram wings are the two numbers on either side of one type, and many people will display a unique combination of their dominant type with aspects of one of the wings more so than the other.

As Nguyen tells mindbodygreen, “If you identify as a Type One, your wings would be Nine or Two, so it’d be a 1w9 or 1w2, and this influences the way you view the world and extrovert your energy.” Sticking with that example, she adds that if you’re a Type One who leans toward your Nine wing, you’re likely to prioritize harmony, whereas if you lean toward the Two wing, you’re likely to channel your desire to improve the world on to other people.

Understanding your wings is important, Nguyen adds, because “it offers texture to numbers and presents further language for you to examine your behaviors have greater nuance, which gives you an opportunity for growth and multidimensional understanding.”

To find your wing, you would take an Enneagram assessment and look to see which wing on either side of your dominant type has the higher score. That number is your wing.

Here’s a full explainer on Enneagram wings for more information.

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