The Star is a Major Arcana card about healing and renewal, according to tarot expert and creator of the Magical Self-Care Tarot Deck Leah Vanderveldt. As she tells mindbodygreen, you’ve likely been through a lot if you pull the Star, with this card representing the calm after the storm or a time to come back to yourself.

Clearing space and getting back to the essentials facilitates the inner calm you seek, and that’s what this card reminds you to do, Vanderveldt says, adding that it’s associated with the sign of Aquarius. “The card depicts the Aquarian symbol of the water bearer, which corresponds to cleansing of the past, hope, and ultimately growth,” she explains.

And according to Brigit Esselmont, founder and CEO of Biddy Tarot, the woman seen in the Star card is also practical and intuitive, with her nudity representing both her purity and vulnerability. The single large star shown also symbolizes her core essences, while the seven smaller stars represent the seven main chakras.

“It’s a beautiful card with a deep and powerful message, especially for those going through a rebirth of some kind,” Esselmont previously told mbg, adding that it invites the reader “to shed her skin—all the layers that have built up over the years—and be ‘naked’ under the beauty of the starry night sky,” aka being vulnerable, authentic, and raw.

And as Vanderveldt adds, “When your reality and sense of self have been shaken, you have an opportunity to come back stronger, wiser, more you than ever before. Prioritizing your inner peace now will ultimately have ripple effects to your community and beyond.”

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