I’ve been very open about my struggle with suboptimal methylation. For those who don’t already know, I have an MTHFR gene variant that affects my body’s ability to convert folate and folic acid into active folate (5-MTHF) so it can be used throughout the body for its many essential functions. (You can read more about my methylation story here.)

Methylation is a complex biological process that’s critical for heart health, cognitive function, longevity, detoxification, and so much more. And I’m a part of the large chunk of the U.S. population (over 50%!) that has an MTHFR gene variation that affects the efficiency of their methylation cycle.

Since our bodies can’t convert folate as easily as other folks, the folate and methionine pathways (and later, methylation cycle) get jammed, which can lead to increased homocysteine levels—and, subsequently, health implications down the road.

Before I knew I had an MTHFR gene variant, my homocysteine levels were so high that they even shocked functional medicine doctors. I started taking a key combination of bioactive B vitamins and betaine daily (the same combination of bioactives found in mbg’s methylation support+), and it got me 90% of the way to healthy homocysteine levels.* Then, I plateaued.

I was stumped. But then I learned that methylation affects detoxification and vice versa.

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