In addition to superstar phytonutrient caffeine (instant- and sustained-release caffeine, mind you—straight from coffee berries and beans), this evidence-based formula features an impressive lineup of other nootropics: Plant botanicals guarana and ginseng, modern bioactive L-theanine, and essential nutrient vitamin B12 for cellular energy, all in clinically rooted doses.

Plant-origin caffeine delivers multifaceted mental performance gains I see and feel, giving me much-needed mental energy and keeping me zoned in on my tasks—whether simple or complex.* 

Since focus+ is also thoughtfully formulated with sustained-release caffeine clinically researched to slow down absorption and sustain plasma caffeine levels1, the benefits are extended over a longer period of time.* The end result? I avoid the “caffeine crash” phenomenon. 

On top of caffeine’s obvious benefits, Brazilian guarana fruit and adaptogenic herb Panax ginseng are clinically shown to further promote task performance and alertness2. Additionally, guarana has energizing actions due to its native caffeine content, while ginseng supports stress resilience3.*

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