MakeWaves is the perfect daytime mascara. It’s super creamy yet lightweight, so I’m never globbing on too much product; it’s also extremely buildable, so I can add multiple layers if I’m craving more volume. I don’t like to coat on a ton of mascara during the day, as it can look harsh on my naturally light flutters, but this formula provides just the right amount of oomph while still appearing quite natural.

My favorite perk, however, is the mascara’s Aquaflex Technology, which I can only describe as “memory foam for your lashes.” It’s an ingredient traditionally used in the hair care space, able to memorize the natural bend of your strands and hold their shape all day long—this, combined with the curved, flexible shape of the wand, keeps your lashes lifted and doe-like.

Not to mention, this ingredient keeps humidity from wrecking your lash “style.” (Your eyelash hairs are hairs, after all, and they can technically fall victim to muggy temperatures, which often leads to dreaded raccoon eyes.) To test the formula’s curl-enhancing abilities, I even decided to forgo my trusty lash curler to discover whether the mascara alone was enough to keep my lashes lifted. Much to my delight, my eyelashes remained perky and upright. 

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