Zurvita began in 2008 by founders Mark and Tracy Jarvis. They’re goal is to empower people by giving them what Mark and Tracy like to call, “Zeal for Life”. They offer products associated with Health and Wellness in addition to a home-business opportunity for those that are interested in making money by marketing their company or products. However, can you really make money with Zurvita?

The Thing:

Zurvita has four total products relating to two main categories being overall body Wellness Enhancement and Weight Management. Three of the products that they offer actually come in a program type package and it’s for Weight Management. They want to give people the “Zeal for Life” by taking all four of these products. I will explain their program as well as the products they offer below.

  1. Zeal Wellness Blend – The blend is Simple, Advanced, and Natural. It is designed to Boost Your Energy, Optimize Your Health, Slow The Aging Process, Enrich and Protect Your Body, all while maintaining a healthy weight! Blend flavors Zurvita offers are Wild Berry and Bold Grape.

The Program! They offer three products in which are in an entire Weight Management Program Zurvita offers. All three products have the same benefits but are recommended to not shy away from any particular one!

The Product Included In The Program: Zeal Advanced Formula Protein Shakes, Zeal Cleanse, and Zeal Burn. Benefits of all three products are listed below. The only two Protein Shake flavors they have currently are Chocolate Delight and Vanilla Crème.

  • Effective Weight Management
  • Balanced Nutrition
  • More Energy
  • Faster Metabolism

Although Zurvita doesn’t offer many products, the important part is to look at the quality of their products; I’ll leave that conclusion for you to decide. However, it’s important to note, Zurvita began in 2008, therefore, they still have time to expand much further into the Health and Wellness industry.

The Opportunity:

If you like the products offered by Zurvita and are interested in making money marketing their products or the company itself, this is the section for you! However, can you really make money with Zurvita? In order to answer this question, we must first understand their compensation plan!

There Are 5 Main Payouts Associated With Zurvita’s Compensation Plan Including Builders Bonus, Team Bonuses, Personal Sales, Uni-Level Overrides, and Infinity Overrides. I will explain a few briefly below!

  1. Personal Sales – Earn 20% Commissions from all your personal sales.
  2. Team Bonuses – You could qualify for a $400 Team Bonus each and every time a Consultants business reaches 3,000 Total Business Volume.
  3. Uni-Level Overrides – You are able to earn 5% from your entire down-lines sales, level 8 and below.

To Conclude, Yes, You Can Make Money With Zurvita!

The Cost:

For some people, the cost is the most important question that has to be answered before even considering joining Zurvita! I will explain what needs to be done! However, take note that if you become affiliated or involved in Zurvita’s opportunity, you are starting your own independent Zurvita business!

All businesses require some type of start-up fee! However, generally speaking, the price is much cheaper in comparison to a traditional type business. If you wanted to open up your own Papa John’s, you could pay around $30,000 to $100,000 depending on a few factors. However, opening up your own Multi-Level Marketing business is much cheaper! But, as mentioned before, all businesses require some type of start-up fee! With that being said, let’s get the ball rolling!

In order to get started with Zurvita, you have to do two things! The first thing is a $35 Registration Fee. The second thing is to purchase your first order from one of the 3 main options Zurvita gives.

  1. Quick Start Pak Wellness – $274.95. This “Pak” includes enough of their Wellness items to get your business started and able to grow immediately!
  2. Quick Start Pak General – $349.95. This “Pak” includes both of enough Wellness and Weight Management items to get your business growing on both ends of their product line.
  3. Builders Pak – $549.95. This includes a great amount of both Wellness and Weight Management products for the entrepreneurs looking to make a substantial amount of income by generating fast sales!
  4. Wellness Pak(s) – There are 5 total Wellness “Paks” available in which are listed below.
  • Weight Management Program – $169.95. This includes some of their Protein Shakes, Zeal Burn, and Zeal Cleanse.
  • Protein Shakes – $109.95.
  • 36 Single Serving Bottles of Zeal – $99.95.
  • 24 Single Serving Bottles of Zeal – $79.95.
  • 1 Zeal Wellness Canister – $69.95.

Final Thoughts:

The products are okay but I definitely wish they had more to offer. However, as mentioned before, they are still a relatively new company and I can assume they will expand more very soon. I like the idea of Health and Wellness and a ton of other people do as well! Health and Wellness is a great industry to get into and has a Massive Market, which is always something to look for before joining any company!

The opportunity is not as pleasant. I do not like it! I’m not saying Zurvita is a bad company by any means. However, in order to achieve a substantial amount of residual income, you need to know how to conduct Network Marketing Professionally! If you are a newbie and don’t really know the industry too well, you may face some very difficult times trying to generate income with this company.

The cost is fantastic! With my knowledge of the industry, even the Builders Pak (the most expensive Pak they offer) is very affordable! Remember, we’re talking about starting a business. We’re talking about building a vehicle in which can make you rich! Therefore, $549.95 is not bad at all! Also I like the fact that they have several different options to choose from!

Overall, however, I would not personally be interested in getting affiliated or involved with their company! I am a professional Network Marketer and although I know how to Generate Sales, Market Properly and Ethically, and Build A Team of Entrepreneurs I am in this industry to make serious money and help others do the same! Once again, I’m not saying Zurvita is a bad company by any means! However, I do not see myself making as much money as I would like Network Marketing with this company!

*Dustin Hale is NOT affiliated with Zurvita or their business/income opportunity

Source by Dustin Hale