STM Canna’s Astro Infuser infuses pre-rolls with distillate at high speed. The Astro Infuser is part of the One-Tray Workflow, a system of machines designed to streamline the pre-roll manufacturing process.

The Astro Infuser can infuse up to 72 pre-rolls in under a minute. It uses a direct pump system that is easy to clean and maintain. The machine is self-heated and self-contained, and it operates at low PSI.

The One-Tray Workflow begins with the Rocket Box, a machine that makes and fills pre-rolls. The pre-rolls are then weighed on the Launchpad, and then they are infused with distillate in the Astro Infuser. Finally, the pre-rolls are closed and dumped out by the Dutch Crown closer.

The One-Tray Workflow is designed to be efficient and easy to use. All of the machines in the system are connected, so the pre-rolls never need to be touched by hand. This reduces the risk of contamination and ensures that the pre-rolls are infused evenly.

STM Canna, the company that manufactures the Astro Infuser, is committed to innovation and quality. They stand behind all of their equipment and offer excellent customer service. If you are interested in scaling your production or improving your pre-roll manufacturing process, STM Canna is a company to consider.

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