With Venus in fiery and flamboyant Leo, the twins say this makes for a passionate and expressive soul. Whether it’s big and bold shows of affection or the most extravagant date you’ve ever been on, that’s Venus in Leo territory. And speaking of shows, this is a placement that has no problem with PDA, according to the twins—in fact, they might prefer it. They want to love dramatically, and further, receive dramatic shows of love in return.

According to Roby Antila, Venus in Leo folks are generally warm, gregarious, outgoing, affectionate, and have a big presence that puts them at the center of attention. “They love social scene, they love to entertain friends, and they have a dramatic sense of style,” she explains, adding, “In a relationship, though, they’re very passionate and loyal, very romantic, and attracted to luxury.”

That love of luxury, however, can be a bit dangerous when not kept in check. As such, Roby Antila notes that money matters should be approached with caution, and this placement needs to be wary of indulging in retail therapy or overstepping their budget.

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