That’s when nomadic Jupiter, which has been retrograde in esoteric, emotional Pisces since June 20, slips into visionary, logical Aquarius until December 28.

Global Jupiter’s backspin is in effect until October 18, and it’s already been bringing disruptions to the world stage. While it’s been reverse-commuting through seafaring Pisces since June 20, record floods have caused damage and tragedy across Europe and China. And before it even retreated into air sign Aquarius, smoke from West Coast wildfires has traveled across the country, bringing reports of the worst air quality that New York City has seen in years. 

Disinformation—which has been on an extreme rise since the lunar nodes moved into Gemini and Sagittarius on May 5, 2020—is always prevalent when truth-agent Jupiter does its annual, four-month about-face. The one ray of hope? Jupiter’s exit from fantastical Pisces into science-based Aquarius (also the sign that governs community action) might bring a greater sense of truth and civic responsibility.

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