This three-year cycle, which lasts until February 13, 2026, will melt tangible reality into virtual reality like the clock in Salvador Dalí’s “The Persistence of Memory.” We already have the technology to create this mind-boggling effect, thanks to Saturn’s three-year pass-through geeky Aquarius. But will we utilize these developments for the good of humanity? That remains to be seen as the ringed taskmaster paddles into Piscean seas for the first time since May 21, 1993 (through April 7, 1996).

For the next three years, Saturn will install clear boundaries around our compassionate hearts, reminding us to empower rather than enable. Both Saturn and Pisces are associated with karma—in different ways. The world will have to reckon with some of its own messes and clean up any breaches of integrity. Pisces rules the oceans, and it’s no secret they need our help. Restrictive Saturn in this imaginative and spiritual sign could be challenging for artists, creatives, and healers. On the plus side, it will separate the real-deal practitioners from the untrained charlatans, forcing everyone to step up their spiritual game.

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