Better break out the measuring cups and read over those Google analytics reports. Like shining a light into fog, you’ll only be able to see what’s sitting a few feet in front of your face this week. The benefit to this muddling mashup is that it allows you to powerfully tune in to the present moment. Pause from strategic planning and postpone those Zooms. Downloads could come while you draw back from the action, especially on Thursday when introspective Pluto trines the Sun. Draw from a deep well of inspiration within your own psyche. It might make more sense than you think!

Also on Tuesday, warrior Mars changes signs, settling into peaceful Libra until October 30. Shields up…or down? The combative planet isn’t exactly at home in this conflict-averse sign. Mars is “in detriment” in Libra, a weaker position since it’s exactly opposite in the zodiac wheel from its home sign of Aries. But in these hot-headed times, that’s probably a good thing!

Effective fighting requires strength with measured force. That’s exactly the hybrid energy Mars in Libra can bring. Get fired up about justice, then cool down long enough to create a sound battle plan. Aim to be effective, not destructive. Since Mars is the cosmic motivator, get pumped about all things “Libra,” like collaborative ventures, creative pursuits, and committed relationships.

Warning: Rising stress levels can bring friction to relationships over the next six weeks. Tackle this with loving diplomacy. You have to communicate if you want to clear the air.

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