Bless this mess? No, we don’t think so. With make-it-happen Mars forming a twice-per-year trine to investigative Pluto, you’ll have the energy to dig through those piles. Think of it like a treasure hunt and a sorting mission in one. (Is that a forgotten $50 bill in your jeans pocket, and aren’t you happy to see it?) File, organize, systematize—and energize.

Decluttering your physical spaces (and your virtual ones) can be a stress reducer. Those distracting piles and unchecked messages take up a lot of psychic energy, even when you’re worrying about when to get them done.

Wellness is Virgo’s domain, so you can also use this lunar launch to get your fall fitness routine in motion. Could your meals be healthier, your sleep more restful? Time to start eating the rainbow with seasonal veggies and fruits. Feather your nest with everything you need to keep your body humming like a well-oiled machine—from a fridge full of fresh produce to snacks like raw almonds in the pantry to an essential oil diffuser on your nightstand.

But don’t take the joy out of the process! Hours before the new moon, pleasure agent Venus gets into the day’s second harmonious trine, this one with expansive Jupiter in Aquarius. All kinds of ideas could flow in for making work and wellness enjoyable to engage in. Since Venus is touring partnership-powered Libra, how about involving others in these plans? Pairing up on a project can bring exciting new dimensions to the mission. And how about pinging an accountability buddy…your love interest perhaps? Sidestep the suffering that a new moon in Virgo often prescribes. Health is wealth—and that’s something to celebrate.

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