What Is A Medical Spa And What Should I Be Looking For?

What Is A Medical Spa And What Should I Be Looking For? Medical spas are massively increasing in popularity, they offer such a wide range of specialty services and generic procedures, almost anyone can find something for themselves at a medical spa. They help bring affordable aesthetic procedures to people who may be interested in them but just don’t have any access.

So medical spa sounds fancy, but what is a truly professional medical spa going to be able to offer you?

Maybe you’ve seen them referred to with a few different names like medi-spa, medical spa, even med spa, or any other combination. They’re essentially just an incredibly hybrid between your traditional relaxing focused day spa and a professional medical clinic that performs cosmetic procedures. The combination of those two offers you the best of both worlds. The relaxing spa experience you have grown to love can just melt all that stress away alongside cosmetic procedures that you can traditionally only find at a doctor’s office and can help massively boost your confidence.

As the name may make you think, a medical spa is going to be run or overseen by at least one medical professional with a doctorate. This can be anyone but those that move on to managing medical spas are dermatologists, plastic surgeons, or something along those lines. That means they just have a whole level of knowledge and ability above that of your run-of-the-mill day spa. Though most medical spas are somewhat similar you need to know that a lot of them will have completely different focuses, of which we will get into some of the largest. You always need to be sure that you’re doing the research that’s needed beforehand to ensure the med spa you’re interested in has what you need. Many offer free consultations and will discuss whatever you need over the phone so don’t hesitate to just reach out for more information!

Medical Spas for Anti-Aging & Age Management

Cosmetically speaking, because a medical spas’ biggest concern will always be your overall health, the main goal of most day spas is to fight all the terrible effects that come hand in hand with aging. We get it again and all the effects associated with it can really hurt your confidence. A lot of “anti-aging” treatments out there do absolutely nothing but treat all the side effects that are associated aging. Rather than putting bandages on top of bandages and so on a medical spa is going to look to fix your issue at its root. A trained age-management doctor can design a custom approach to help identify any age-related disorders or issues you may be having. Those results go right into creating a custom approach for YOU.

A medical spa can perform multiple skin and facial-specific rejuvenation techniques to help restore your youthful appearance. It does NOT require invasive surgery to help improve your appearance, that’s one area where medical spas really specialize and show their true worth. A truly well-rounded medical spa will be able to do completely non-invasive things like help you plan a better diet and just live a better lifestyle to help you regain some of that youthful glow as well.

Regardless of how small or large of a procedure you may have done, your medical spa needs to stay in close contact with you to make sure you’re healing okay and just keep an eye on your health journey overall.

Medical Spas are Almost Always Skin Care Specialists

Many people know of med spas just because of the skincare services that they offer. There’s no shortage of options out there between the new HydraFacial, chemical peels, micro-needling, and more! For those concerned about what aging has done to your skin – namely wrinkles – you’ve got a number of great minimally invasive options such as Dysport, Botox, and other neuromodulators that help relax the muscles in the direct area they are injected.

If you are more interested in rejuvenation you need to investigate some of the more impressive treatments like light and laser treatments, PRP micro-needling, and more! Laser treatment is great for treating dark spots on the skin that you just can’t get rid of. PRP is just your own healthy cells being put back into areas of your body to promote health healing. The growth factors trick the body into thinking the body has an injury that needs to be treated so it is blitzed with blood cells and all the good things it needs to heal quickly.

PRP Facial – What is that?

First, your medical spa doctor is going to take some of your blood and then isolate a sample of growth factors from that. A micro needler is used to create a bunch of super tiny puncture holes in the area that is being targeted for restoration – then the growth factor is inserted into each puncture so that it soaks in well and in the short term you’re going to notice your skin tightening up and rejuvenating. You will be looking and feeling younger before you know it, with extremely natural results and no foreign substances needed whatsoever, only your own cells!

Hair Restoration Experts – Using PRP Again!

Everyone sheds hair daily without exception, but it can get concerning when you start to see excessive hair loss and find that your hair is begging to thin. If you notice more and more hair falling out it’s time to act before there’s any risk of baldness or bald spots. Now hair falls out for an endless number of reasons whether those be something genetic passed down from your parents or a medical condition you may be suffering from. For some, going bald is no big deal. For others, it can absolutely ruin your confidence and cause you to always feel self-conscious. Surgery or medication are always options but that does not mean they are your BEST option. If you are suffering hair loss you need to talk to your local med spa in Wilmington NC today to see what they can do for you! A PRP hair restoration is an incredibly effective procedure.

If your confidence is hurting or you just want something specifically addressed, don’t be afraid to venture down to your local med spa!






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What Is A Medical Spa And What Should I Be Looking For?

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