The first couple weeks of October feel a little muddy. Mercury is getting out of retrograde pretty quickly on October 2, but there is always a shadow period afterward when that retrograde energy lingers. Using the three “retrograde R’s” (review, reflect, and redo) will still come in handy at the start of the month.

When visualizing the weeks ahead, I’m getting an image of a person wearing galoshes in the mud and trying to walk quickly but being forced to slow down. This could prove to be a period when your projects aren’t getting off the ground as fast as you want them to, your communications are feeling flat, or you feel like doing nothing more than binge-reading your favorite cozy mysteries. And hey, it’s fall, who can blame you! 

Let yourself do whatever you need to do, with as much acceptance as you can. I’m very grateful there’s been an increased wave of people talking about how freeing it is to look at your life beyond the lens of how productive you are or what you have accomplished.

If we are looking at our life as a series of tasks to accomplish, when the energy is feeling more sticky, we then go into resistance and often blame ourselves.

When we can look at our life as something that is unfolding, that inevitably ebbs and flows, then we can have more acceptance.

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