There is no plant source of collagen, because the protein is absent in the plant kingdom. If you see a collagen product that says it’s “vegan,” please know that it does not contain collagen itself.

“I’m calling vegan collagen’s bluff. Sorry, there’s no such thing as vegan collagen” writes mindbodgyreen’s director of scientific affairs Ashely Jordan Ferira, Ph.D., R.D.N. about the myth of vegan collagen. 

Instead, it likely contains ingredients—like key nutrients and bioactives—known to support collagen production, synthesis, and health via various pathways. 

“These collagen ‘boosters’ may include ingredients like amino acids (especially proline, lysine, and glycine), vitamins C and E for collagen production and cross-linking, a B complex for cellular energy, or botanical antioxidants to protect collagen from oxidative damage,”* she says. In fact, many standard collagen products include these ingredients because they are so helpful at aiding your overall collagen health.*

If your vegan protein sources are delivering ample amino acid building blocks for collagen, then these helper compounds can support your body’s endogenous collagen production and function.*

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