Encouraging cellular health naturally to encourage more function, energy, and defense against free-radicals is the thrust of a new MLM called Ceregenex.

Even in these hard economic times, the growth of home based businesses is breaking records. Whether people need to move to this type of business because they choose to or because the economy forces them to, they’re deciding not to rely for their incomes on corporations that can’t support growth. As an independent distributor, you can participate in network marketing and be in direct contact with where the products and services you sell come from as well as who they’re going to.

But even though there’s a lot of growth in MLM, it’s still a business and must be approached that way, knowing that supply and demand must be in your favor. Both sides of this equation will be limited on both ends. People are pulling back from spending all over the globe, so demand can’t be taken for granted anymore.

The niche of home based businesses that Ceregenex seeks to fill is pretty saturated already. Other businesses have tried and failed recently. When the big companies close their doors, marketing, management, and training functions disappear for the small distributor, which means everything is lost. But some people stay to beat a dead horse because they’re scared to walk away from the time and cash they’ve put in so they keep trying.

That means you can start with Ceregenex as long as you realize the problems and learn how to give yourself a unique persona within Ceregenex itself and also within the world of similar MLMs.

That’s even more necessary if this is among your first steps into the world of MLMs. Finding the correct team will be of primary importance when you enter the world of Ceregenex.

Ceregenex uses the binary model of compensation. This doesn’t thrill me because it needs lots of planning and can somewhat fool those who don’t have a lot of MLM experience.

This system means you get paid a percentage of your sales as you build your down line. But you only get paid on one of two legs or strands of your sales, and it’s the one with less volume. You have to keep balanced on these two legs so you can earn more, even more than with other plans. But if a distributor you bring in brings in lots of cash because of being a great marketer, it can put you out of balance so that you don’t really earn everything you should have.

Another problem with regard to Ceregenex that I can foresee is that bonuses are a big part of their financial incentive, which is good for those who are experienced in online marketing but not for beginners. Those who can already do this well can get with Ceregenex, earn big money, and move along, meaning that their down liners then have to figure out how to make money by themselves.

I’m not thinking that it would be beneficial for a newbie MLM person to select Ceregenex for their first experience.

Source by Ellie Gant