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Wireless Electronic Sensor to Monitor Bone Health

Engineers and orthopedic specialists at the University of Arizona built an ultra-thin wireless sensor that is designed to monitor bone health over long...

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Success Story Of Rebecca Pickels

Success Story Of Rebecca Pickels - Wellness Transformational Coach ...

Performance Training

How to Turn Your Goals into Reality

“The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.” — Bill Phillips One of my favorite things in...

Mastery: The Art of Sticking With Things for the Long Haul

“What are you training right now?” This is probably the most common question I get asked by my fitness-loving friends. My answer is almost always...

Why Mental Fitness Matters – 12 Minute Athlete

Mental fitness is a term that gets thrown a lot these days, especially now during the COVID pandemic. It seems like everyone is...

Working Harder Isn’t Always the Answer

I once almost got a tattoo that said “hustle.” At the time, I was still newly out of college and trying to figure out...

Don’t Try To Get Better at Everything at Once

The other day, I went to do a few sets of pull-ups and was disappointed to realize I could no longer do as...
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This super creamy and deliciously cheesy homemade vegan mac and cheese recipe will take you straight back to the macaroni and cheese from...
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