As with most aspects of beauty, healthy hair comes down to the nutrients and foods you eat. But there are some things you can do on the surface, like massaging your scalp with oil. After all, research has proven that scalp massages can promote hair growth and thickness by mechanically stimulating hair follicles. Using an oil will help reduce friction between your fingers and scalp, further improving the effects of the massage.

Don’t be so quick to grab just any oil, though. You might as well use an oil with properties that support hair growth. These ingredients, which include both carrier and essential oils, mainly work in one of two ways: Some promote hair growth by directly stimulating the hair follicles, while others create an ideal scalp environment for said growth. Many oils also keep the hair you do have healthy, ultimately paving the way for luscious locks.

Now, there’s no single oil that will magically give you long and lengthy hair. But if you want to give your scalp and hair a boost, it’s worth adding one of these oils to your routine:

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