But who says you have to stay minimal? Go ahead and have a ball with pops of color and sparkle; whimsical and youthful are two sides of the same coin, no? 

“I love a little shimmer in the inner corner paired with a bright-toned pencil on the water line. Sometimes I will use a pale blue color, like our Neen Side Eye Liner in shade Minty. This gives such a fresh vibe,” Lobell shares. 

Not to mention, that inner shimmer can really open up the eyes and make them appear wide awake. (I personally use Neen’s Pretty Shiny cream highlighter, which offers a subtle glow.) That pale blue liner can also provide a nice contrast on the water line—similar to why folks swear by white eyeliner—which makes the eyes appear brighter. 

Don’t be afraid to test the waters, but as a general rule, lighter hues will highlight and bring forth an area while richer hues create shadow. “Use lighter, shimmery shades where you want it to look more open, and bring darker shades in where you want to deepen or change the shape,” Lobell adds. From there, the makeup world is truly your oyster. 

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