To start, you can always just rub pureed banana under your eyes—banana’s beauty benefits alone are enough to soothe and brighten. Take it from board-certified family medicine physician, Bindiya Gandhi, M.D., who loves this all-natural remedy for swollen under-eyes.  

Or, you can opt for Mlotek’s banana peel route: “Take the white fibers inside the banana peel and scrape them out,” she says. (A spoon is probably the most helpful tool to keep the delicate fibers intact.) “Take the fibers and mix them with aloe; if you don’t have aloe, use your favorite moisturizer. Mix it all together and gently tap it under your eyes.” Leave the goop on for about five to 10 minutes before rinsing well with lukewarm water. 

No matter which recipe you choose, make sure to use organic-only bananas for the venture, if possible, as you don’t want to smear potentially-irritating pesticides on your skin.

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