The Sun shifts into communal and social Aquarius on the 20th, followed swiftly by the year’s first new moon (also in Aquarius) on January 21. 

This also happens to be Lunar New Year’s Eve, when we welcome the compassionate and abundant Water Rabbit and bid adieu to the wild, unpredictable Water Tiger who prowled the skies since February 1, 2022. So things will get (bunny) hopping quickly!

On January 22, trailblazing Uranus wakes up from its five-month retrograde that started on August 24, rocketing forward in terrestrial Taurus. Bottlenecked plans with work and money could pick up speed again—stay on your toes!

Stargazers, start your engines: Once Uranus is direct there will be no retrograde planets in the skies for a couple of months. With risk-taker Jupiter, the planet of growth and luck, in daring Aries until May 16, you’ve got planetary permission to step on the gas. There’s a solid case for using the first three weeks of January to evaluate your options. Then, you can confidently choose your 2023 direction and go!

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