The idea of applying a laser to your skin can make some people apprehensive. This handheld low-level laser comes with a kit containing everything you could possibly need, including a simple set of rules to follow. A great option for people who haven’t used cold laser therapy before, this device is easy to incorporate into your everyday life. 

This device has been cleared by the FDA to be used a few times a day as needed. Each time you use it, the light stimulates injured cells and causes them to respond at a higher rate. The intended result: Pain relief, improved circulation, and an accelerated healing process. 

The brand recommends that you start with the lowest laser strength power level (170mW) two to three times per day for a total of 15 minutes. Then, during your second week of use, you can try the second power level (340mW) two to three times per day for up to 20 to 25 minutes. Finally, after three weeks, you can go ahead and use the third power setting (510mW) two to three times a day for a total of 30+ minutes, as desired. Again, if you are unsure about the right treatment plan for you, consult with a medical professional.

There are also two wavelength modes to choose from: continuous and pulse. The continuous wavelength mode emits a fixed laser energy the entire time you’re using it. Pulsed diodes, on the other hand, emit a high intensity laser in short-yet-powerful bursts of energy. It’s the high-powered level during each pulse that drives the light energy deep into the target tissue. The peak power of a pulsed laser can be higher than that of a continuous laser, making it a more effective treatment in a shorter time span. 

This cold laser therapy device does not have a ton of reviews yet, but the feedback it does have is positive. People comment on the efficacy and say it has made a considerable difference in their pain management. One writes, “A friend loaned me her device for my dog who had major knee surgery. It worked to reduce inflammation and helped the healing process. I’ve also used it on my back and had such a positive experience with it, I’m buying myself one.” 

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