The 7 Step Guide to Buy Your First Diamond

The 7 Step Guide to Buy Your First Diamond : Whether you are buying a diamond to fit into a ring or necklace, or whether you are buying a rough stone to do lapidary work on yourself, you should read this guide to finding your perfect diamond before you do so.

Here are the 7 things you should do to buy the perfect diamond for you, according to the experts. Don’t forget to get the best wholesale diamonds in Dallas,Texas at Shira Diamonds.

The 7 Steps to Buying your First Diamond

Before you rush out to buy your first diamond, read our helpful guide and follow the pointers below.

  1. Choose your Color

    The diamond is a hard stone that ranges from colorless to light yellow. The closer the diamond is to colorless, the more valuable the stone. Colorless stones are marked as a D while light yellow stones are marked as a Z. If you are buying diamonds as an investment, try to get an I or above.

  2. Choose your Shape

    A diamond can be faceted into many different shapes. Choosing your shape will narrow down the type of gem you want. There are many different shapes of diamond. For example, you can have a cushion shaped diamond, an oval, an Emerald, a Pear shape or a round diamond, among others.

  3. Look at the Clarity

    The clarity of a diamond is related to how much the gemstone is worth. The clearer it is, the higher the value. There are 11 grades of diamond clarity. They start at I3 and move up to IF, which stands for internally flawless. It should go without saying that you want one as close to IF as possible.

  4. Look at the Setting

    If the setting is imperfect, it will devalue the price of your diamond. This goes for jewelry alone, since rough diamonds don’t come with a setting. Be sure it is straight and that the teeth that hold the diamond aren’t crushed. If the diamond is mounted in silver or gold plating, there is a chance the diamond is a fake. Nobody puts such a high-quality stone in a low-quality setting if they can help it.

  5. Check the Carat

    Carat weight is the measure of how much your gemstone actually weighs. 1 carat is 0.2 grams in terms of diamonds. Those with a higher weight are more valuable… and bigger.

  6. Ask for Certification

    A good diamond will always come with certification that says where and when it was mined. This is especially important in the modern age, since we are more conscious about ethically sourced fine earth minerals than we have ever been before. The certification should come from the Gemology Institute of America.

  7. Choose a jeweler you trust

    Diamonds are a big purchase, regularly costing upwards of $200 for a single stone. If you don’t buy from a jeweler you trust, you could well end up throwing that money away. Shop from a supplier who has been around for a while, and you will get the best possible deal.







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The 7 Step Guide to Buy Your First Diamond

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