Not only does cosmic shock-jock Uranus wrap up its five-month retrograde and blaze forward with an innovative-but-practical spirit in Taurus, but the Bullpen is getting a second hit from the lunar North Node, which heads into Taurus for the first time since December 2004. This isn’t a planet but rather a point in the sky that is associated with the eclipses. In astrology, the North Node, along with its companion, the South Node, is the cosmic compass directing our collective destiny.

Money, power, and sex will be the focus of this next cycle, which wages on till July 17, 2023. How do we traverse our inner landscapes while also handling material world concerns? We may swing between the extremes of controlled stoicism and unbridled hedonism. There’s a popular saying that we are “spiritual beings having a human experience.” As the earthbound Taurus North Node plays tug-of-war with the mystical Scorpio South Node, we’ll find ourselves seeking the elusive balance between “physical” and “metaphysical.”

Fortunately, the Sun can help with that balancing act. On Wednesday, January 19, el Sol blazes into high-minded, progressive Aquarius—a sign that sits smack-dab in the middle of Scorpio and Taurus on the zodiac wheel. Borrowing some of Scorpio’s “weird” and a touch of Taurus’ practical magic, the Water Bearer knows how to mix a cocktail that pleases both of its fellow fixed signs. Experiment openly while Aquarius season wages on until February 18. Just don’t forget to record your findings—or your process! The gems you uncover could positively affect an entire community.

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